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Excess water from heavy rainfall or other sources may undermine the foundation of your building or flood your garden and basement if not properly taken care of. Putting flood issues resulting from heavy rainfalls in check is now made very easy with the invention of sump pumps. This review of the best sump pumps will help you to get rid of water from rainfall or other sources to undermine your building or basement. Whether you choose to pick Zoeller m53 mighty-mate submersible sump pump or Wayne esp25 battery backup sump pump, we give you the ins and outs to make a good choice. However, the best sump pumps for you will be dependent on the size of your structure and personal preference.

The machine functions by pushing water away from your property over a safer place such as the beach or a sewage system where the water will no longer be a threat to your home. Portable sump pumps are small and lightweight and can either be installed in your home for a single purpose or used for multiple domestic and work-related purposes. There are many different brands of portable sump pumps and hundreds of products on the market. While some of these products are good, others are not so good and what makes the choosing process worst is that you can’t be sure about the quality of the product by depending only on the claims of the manufacturer.  In this case, one has to go extra miles in exploring the superior quality in order to achieve the main purpose for which the product is purchased in the first place.

However, an unbiased review may provide you with an insight into the performance and quality of the product you are about to purchase. If you are looking to buy a high performance, durable and portable sump pump that will help you to discharge water from rainfall or other sources that may cause flood to your home to a safe place, then you are in the right place as this post will provide you with useful information with regards to the machine as well as a comprehensive list of the best sump pump on the market. Scroll down for more information about the best sump pump reviews.



Wayne Submersible Sump Pump

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Best Sump Pump #1

Our first best sump pump, the Wayne CDU980E is one of the best portable sump pumps on the market. It’s a submersible variant that is made of both Castiron and stainless steel which makes it durable. This shows that the sump pump is well prepared for the hassles associated with pumping water. The exterior build of the pump reduces the possibility of rusting the barest minimum. In addition, the Wayne sump pump has a voltage of 100 Volts and 3/4 Horse powers. It’s a top quality product that is designed for pure efficiency. Also, the machine is fully submersible and has a maximum flow rate of 4600 gallons per hour and 3500 gallons per hour at 10 feet of discharge lift. It’s portable and lightweight thereby making it easy moving from place to place. Furthermore, this best sump pump is specially designed for use in sump basins with an 11-inch diameter or more. All it features a float switch that automatically activates the device when the water level reaches 9 inches and switch off the machine when the water level drops over 4 inches. Another amazing feature is its top suction functionality that minimizes clogging and airlocks. To further guarantee its quality, this best sump pump ships with a 5 years manufacturer warranty. It has an 8 feet water resistant power cord but many users have complained that it’s too short. Others have also stated that the handle of the machine is excessively small.


Attwood WaterBuster Portable Sump Pump

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This is another high-performance portable sump pump on the market. It’s a durable battery operated sump pump. The machines ships with three alkaline ‘D’ batteries that last until 5 hours. It weighs only about two pounds with a dimension of 5.2 x 5.2 x 6.5 inches. The product is more efficient than many other similar products from different brands. It works fast too. The Attwood portable sump pump delivers an open flow of about 200 gallons per hour and 125 gallons per hour two feet head. Also, the machine lifts water until 4 feet. These sump pumps are multi-function machine that can also be used for removing water from rowboats, aquariums, kayaks, dinghies, pool covers, and many other places that may require the function of the machine. These sump pumps are reasonably priced thereby making it ideal if you are buying on budget. Additionally, the sump pump ships with a 42-inch hose coupled with a garden-hose Adapter thus making it easier adding a longer hose. However, the set back of the sump pump machine is that it doesn’t have an automatic on and off switch and may need to be restarted after every 5 hours.


Superior Pump Submersible Sump

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The Superior Submersible Sump Pump is a high-performance portable sump pump. The Superior Pump is ideal if you need a product that delivers high performance and efficiency. The Superior Pump Submersible Sump weighs 6.8 pounds coupled with a dimension of 12 x 7 x 7 inches. It’s powered by electric and it has a voltage of 120 Volts, 3.8-amp, and 1/4 Horsepower motor performance. The portable sump pump is fully submersible and it works great for swimming pools, flooded basements, fountains, and the likes since it’s capable of moving out about 30 gallons of water per minute. Furthermore, It pushes water away until ⅛ inches into the ground and it’s capable of lifting until about 25 feet high. It’s portable and lightweight hence may be easily moved from one place over another. The Superior Pump Submersible Sump can fit into a sump basin that is as small as 6 inches wide. Also, the portable sump pump features a 1-1/4-inch male iron pipe discharge thread that further allows heavy-duty pumping. The superior submersible pump ships with a replaceable 10-foot, waterproof power cord as well as a garden hose paired with an adapter so as allowing you to add a longer hose if you so desire. Additionally, You do not have to worry about monitoring the performance of the machines since it features a continuous-duty, as well as a split capacitor motor. The water intake of the submersible sump pump machine both at the bottom and the sides is thermally protected thereby allowing for continuous operation. Clogging is something common with most submersible sump pump but not with this one as it features a clog-resistant suction and its thermoplastic build will go a long way in ensuring durability and long lifespan without corrosion. However, some users have reported that the wire sensor is prone to having issues. Also, the Superior Sump Pump machine does not feature a float switch, which invariably means you have to be available to switch it on whenever you require its functions. These sump pumps ships with a 1-year limited warranty.


V-Pump Multipurpose Submersible Pump

V-Pump Multipurpose Submersible Pump Image


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This is another amazing sump pump on the market. This durable product packs lots of features coupled with high performance. It’s portable and lightweight as it weighs only 5.4 ounces with a dimension of 11 x 1.5 x 3 inches. Since it’s really small size, it invariably means it can be carried from place to place without any difficulty. It’s fully submersible and does not require electricity to work properly. It works fast as it’s capable of discharging about 1200 gallons of water per hour. Also, the sump pump machine can discharge water until 40 feet high. In addition, it’s a multi-purpose pump as it can be used for swimming pools and other vessels that do not have an inbuilt pumping system. The pump also works great for mud. To further improve the performance of the machine, it can be easily connected over a garden hose. It ships with an adaptor for a garden hose that fits well with different models of garden hose. It’s reasonably priced and may help you save some few bucks. However, the sump pump is prone to clogging issues and inconsistency in terms of performance.


Liberty Pumps Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump

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If you are looking for buying a top quality and high-performance portable sump pump, then you should consider looking at that of Liberty Pumps. It’s made of cast iron and thermally protected which implies durability as the material reduces the possibility of corrosion. It’s easy to install and operate. The product also makes less noise compared over similar products on the market. Unlike the above listed portable sump pumps, this one is not lightweight because it weighs about 15.22 pounds with a dimension of 9.6 x 9.6 x 10.5. However, many people will find it relatively easy moving the machine from place to place. The motor of the sump pump is permanently lubricated thereby removing the need for frequent maintenance. It’s fully submersible and ideal for heavy duty pumping activities. This sump pump works really fast thus will help you prevent the potential damage caused by water before it even starts. It has a voltage of 115 Volts paired with 1/3 horsepower. It’s capable of pumping up to 50 gallons per hour. Although the machine is powered by electric, it comes with a power saving feature that will help you cut bill to a minimal level. Furthermore, the portable sump pump features a vertical float VMF switch that allows it to operate magnetically. The automatic on and off switch of this sump pump is not adjustable as the machine is automatically activated when the water level reaches 7 inches and then automatically switched off when it drops until 3 ½ inches. It has a 1 ½ inch NPT discharge, paired with 18 inches shut-off head and a ½-inch solids-handling. Also, the accompanying 10-feet power cord will make it easy for you using the machine for different purposes as well as for easier disconnection. This sump pump ships with a 2-year warranty. However, the sump pump may not perform well for heavy duty operations. Some users report that its performance is not consistent.

Many American homeowners struggle with underground wetness, according to a study by the American Society of Home Inspectors. Some of them have flooded basements. A small amount of water can severely damage your floor resulting in mold growth. A backup sump pump is a device that helps in draining your basement. In this post, we explore how sump pumps work, the components of a sump pump and how to choose the best sump pump for backups.


Basepump Sump Pump

Basepump Sump Pump Image


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Basepump is an ergonomically designed pump which is easy to install. It has a built-in check valve that prevents underground water from flowing back. The pump is battery-powered and it has a water alarm to alert you when the basement starts flooding. Its special design increases its efficiency and pumping rate. Use the pipe fittings to connect the pump to your water supply.

However, if you use a water softener to test the water supply, you might get inaccurate results. First, supply your water pipe from the lower section of the sump pit to the top. It takes up to three hours to fully install the sump pump.


Glentorics DFK961 Sump Pump

Glentorics DFK961 Sump Pump Image


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Glentorics pump comprises a charger, controller, two small float switches, backup pump, and a primary sump pump. It has two combination pumps that offer battery and primary sump pump capabilities. The system diagnoses a drainage issue and alerts you through a call or text. Glentorics has eleven corrosion resistant components. It requires 115 volts to operate.

Some stores sell the battery separately. A typical system can pump 1,000 GPH of water at a lift of up to 10 feet. Its two float switches offer extra protection against floods.


Basement Watchdog BWE 1000 Basement Sump Pump

Basement Watchdog BWE 1000 Basement Sump Pump Image


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The Basement Watchdog sump pump is an affordable device that comprehensively protects your basement. It contains a unique monitoring system, an automatic pump, and a dual float switch. Basement Watchdog can pump 2,000 GPH at ground level. It fits nicely to your primary electric pump and it normally turns on when a power outage occurs. An indicator light identifies the precise cause for alarm.


PumpSpy PS1000 Sump Pump

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PumpSpy is a high-tech sump pump which alerts you before your basement starts flooding. It connects to a remote monitor which automatically checks your pump. The computers gather and process data from the backup pump. It alerts you via email or text if your basement has poor drainage. The pump does not have any extra fees neither does it require additional equipment. Just plug it in another sump pump and it will track its performance.


Liberty SJ10 Sump Pump

Liberty SJ10 Sump Pump Image


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Liberty SJ10 comprises an advanced pump system that removes more sump water than that it uses. It protects the basement during power outages and you can connect it to your local water line. Once you place an order, the pump is delivered when it’s fully assembled and it’s usually backed. The pumping head and inlet water pressure influence its pumping performance. Also, it requires a steady water supply to maintain its maximum performance.


Basement Watchdog BWSP 1730 Sump Pump

Basement Watchdog BWSP 1730 Sump Pump Image


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Basement BWSP 1730 has an efficient monitoring system, a high capacity pump, and a dual float switch. It can pump 2,500 gallons per hours at a 0 ft. lift. The pump turns on when a power outage occurs or when the primary pump breaks down. It sends an alert when it needs urgent maintenance.

Regularly check the battery at least twice a year. With proper maintenance, it can last for more than five years. The pump has a plastic casing that extends its durability

Types of Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps are designed to provide users with ease of use, installation, and even maintenance. Also, they can be easily moved from one place to another. There are different types of portable sump pumps on the market including submersible and pedestal sump pumps. For the submersible portable sump pump, the machine will have to be placed directly inside the sump or pool for it to work properly. More often than not, the machine is sealed for longevity as well as preventing short circuits. 

The pedestal portable sump pump, on the other hand, the motor will need to be placed above the sump for proper function. This is the reason why it’s more convenient for some users as it can be easily maintained. While the submersible sump pump, if properly installed may last for up to 15 years, the pedestal models may last in good condition for about 30 years.

Meanwhile, the former has more advanced models and is more expensive compared to the latter. Other types of portable sump pumps are the sewage sump pump,dual-function sump pump, and battery sump pumps. The best sump pumps for you will be dependant on your house type, your unique individual needs. If you are on a budget, the pedestal portable sump pump may be ideal for you as the price is lower otherwise you should consider going for the submersible variants because they are more efficient than the former. Here are some of our best sump pump reviews:

The Key Things To Look Out For When Choosing The Best Sump Pump

You are going to invest heavily to procure a sump pump for your property thus it’s important to make the right decision. As this will heavily enable the product to withstand the use of time.  If you go for a top quality product that works well for you, then you may not require another sump pump for a very long time. It is important to go for a sump pump that is not difficult to install. Here are a few important factors to consider when choosing the best sump pump on the market:

Quality And Durability

The quality of the sump pump you are about to purchase should be the first thing on your list to consider. It’s best to go for a top quality product that will allow you to sleep well during heavy rainfall with the assurance that your garden and basement will not be flooded with water. You can be assured of safety during heavy rainfall with a superior pump. Most sump pumps are designed to last for many years, thereby removing the need for you to add the machine on your list every now and then. Pumping water out of your sump frequently is a heavy task that can only be perfectly accomplished by a high-performance machine. This is one of the reasons why you need the best sump pump that will work effectively without any tension.

For this reason, it’s advised going for a portable sump pump that is ruggedly built for heavy-duty. You may check the output and performance of the machine on its specs and feature page provided by the manufacturer. This will heavily allow the product to serve you even better and take your time to read on past buyers’ reviews on Amazon to have more tips on how the product works for them. This too will help you to determine the best one for you to go for.

Manufacturer Track Record

Another important aspect to put into consideration is the track record of the manufacturer. You may find this information online such as on Amazon. Also, as already mentioned above you may determine this by reading the reviews and ratings of the product from past users. This will go a long way in providing you with an insight into the experience you would probably get from the machine. It’s advised buying from brands that are renowned when it comes to making top quality products. As they may be easy to operate as well as to maintain without hassle.

Your Unique Needs

Besides that, It’s important considering your requirements and that of your house. If you don’t, it may be practically impossible for you to enjoy the machine or for it to provide you with the performance you required. For instance, a submersible sump pump may be ideal if your sump does not have a safe place built for mounting a pedestal pump. Some sump pump users also enjoy the almost noiseless operation they get from submersible pumps. Considering your unique requirements and that of your home will help you make a better decision.


The performance of the machine is also an important factor that needs to be considered. As already stated above, check how many horsepowers the machine can deliver and how fast its flow rate works. This is especially important because a portable sump pump that works really fast will do a better job of removing and discharging water from your property compared to those that are slow. In addition, pumps that work fast will be able to remove and discharge the water before it causes any damage to your property. It is also important to consider the flow rate of the sump pump for effective and overall performance.

Float Switch

One trendy feature that makes most portable sump pumps stand out among competitors is the incorporation of a float switch. The feature works by automatically activating the function of the sump pump when water gets over a specific level of the sump. Machines that have these features are preferable as they eliminate the need to manually switch them on when it’s raining heavily. Consider going for a product that comes with float switch for easy and convenient services.


Another important factor that needs to be considered is the warranty cover that comes with the product. The manufacturer’s warranty that ships with the product are another way to tell if the product is of high quality or not. Although a longer warranty period doesn’t always translate to high quality, it’s best to go for a portable sump pump with a long warranty period. This will help you cut costs when the machine develops an issue during the warranty valid period. Also, other online stores such as Amazon offer warranty and a full refund in case the product fails to meet with your needs.


The price of the product you are about to purchase is another determining factor that needs to be considered particularly if you are buying on a budget. A sump pump is also a vital device in most modern houses. It helps in draining your basement and protecting your furniture. For this reason, it is for your best interest to pick a superior pump that has the best quality to serve your basement. However, purchasing the right sump pump is not a piece of cake. You need to consider certain factors including the head pressure, cord, horsepower and voltage of a pump to determine if it suits your drainage needs. However, just like other products on the market, the sump pump comes with different price tags. Some of its brands are expensive as others with similar or higher quality are cheaper. Consider going for a product that offers the best quality for money.