Having a good sump pump in your home is one of the best things you can ever do. You won’t be worrying yourself whether it has flooded in the basement or not. Because you are dead sure that indeed nothing has happened. That there is a truly helpful best sump pump down there in the basement. You know that water in the basement of the house can come from various sources; whether it’s from heavy torrential rain or just a rising water table.

When it rains heavily, the possibility of power blackouts is high. It is almost certain that the electricity is knocked out. So what do you do in such situations? Your primary pump would definitely be rendered inoperative. This is where you so much need to have a battery backup sump pump.

The sump pump with backup batteries ensures that all its operations continue normally without being interfered with. Such is what gives you a peaceful mind even if the weather is bad for electricity. Although it’s one thing to know that you need a battery backup and it’s another to get the best among equals.

There are many models on the market due to the increasing demand. So getting mixed up by these different options can be easy. This is why we have put down this detailed guide to review some of the top-rated brands that you need to keep an eye on. We don’t want you to go through the hassle of searching and then landing fake products.


Benefits of Having A Battery Backup Sump Pump

There are a number of advantages that come with a battery backup sump pump. Here are the benefits:


1. Reliable Backup

You probably have an electric primary pump in your home. Because it depends on electricity, it can disappoint when there is an electricity shutdown. Or it could just develop some mechanical problems that would fail it. All operations are thwarted and your basement could be soaking in serious floods. Having a battery-powered sump pump would actually help complement your primary generator. It keeps the work done and therefore it comes as a home saver so that you don’t stay in floods.


2. It Operates During Power Outages

One big disadvantage with the primary electric sump pump is its reliance on electricity. In case there is no electricity, it stops operating. And this is not something a homeowner wishes to encounter. You know how much you can suffer trying to cart the water from the basement. To prevent all these unfortunate circumstances, the battery-backed sump pump will take over the role to remove water from the home basement automatically. Therefore, power outages will not affect the working of this device at all.


3. It is Affordable

You can get the best battery sump pump at an incredibly affordable price. And yet this backup would still do a great job to protect your basement from being flooded over. So if you have been thinking about a budget option for your basement, don’t go far than this pump.


4. It Comes Fully Automatic

You just need to do a proper installation of this system and let other things happen on their own. For example, the system allows for self-recharge. So that you don’t keep watching the battery. Being an automatic system means that you have less to work on. At the same time, the basement is kept dry at all times.

When the power goes off, the system turns on automatically. There is no need for you to be running in the middle of a fierce storm and darkness to turn the inverter on. It just happens on its own.


5. Easy and Fast Installation

One of the things we like about this system is the ease of installing it. It comes without inserting many efforts. You may just need a single person to do the whole process without so many people banging your home. It just takes about an hour and the installation process is done. This has a pleasant bearing as far as the welfare of your household is concerned.


Things to Look for When Buying the Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

It is important that you buy a reliable battery-backed sump pump. You don’t want to be failed again – so you need a high-quality machine in your home basement. Just as other products, these pumps come in different designs; they have varied sizes, power and performance levels, functionality among other properties.

The best battery sump pump should score excellently in those characteristics. This is the only assurance that you will get something to help you keep the basement dry and in good condition even if the regular pump stops.

Here are things you should be looking for when you go shopping:


1. Battery

The battery is the basic thing you want to look for to ensure high efficiency and performance. It should be long-lasting and quick to charge. You might not like the way things would turn up with problematic batteries that can’t keep power for long. Basically, there are two types of batteries to look at. The first is AGM batteries.

These are technologically advanced and usually, do not need maintenance at all. They work very perfectly and at the moment, they should be the one to choose for your pump. The other type is the deep cycle marine batteries which perform 50% less than the AGM batteries. Depending on what your preferences are, select the battery type that suits your needs.


2. The Construction

The other thing you need to look at is the construction of the battery-backed sump pump. Different pumps come with varied designs – the main reason being materials used in the pump construction. A battery backup sump pump constructed from cast iron will be sturdier and more durable than the one from plastic.

The cast iron could be painted to make the surface non-corrosive. This further enhances the sump pump durability.


3. Performance

Look for the sump pump that has high performance under its belt. It should be able to do better than what other pumps can in one hour. And you need to note that performance is determined by the power the backup sump pump comes with. So if you have a backup without enough power, don’t expect its performance to be anywhere good. The result is a flooded basement.

Get a pump that would really do a great job from the basement. This should be a powerful model even slightly above what you need. Just to be sure that you won’t experience problems while sorting out other problems. Consider the gallons per hour (GPH) rating. It should be higher to ensure that the job is running smoothly and efficiently.


4. Quality

If there’s something you should not fail to consider, then it’s the quality of the backup sump pump. You will need to examine the models and determine which one can serve you for long without plunging you into costly frequent maintenance. You can get professional assistance for this to understand which make is the best quality.


5. Technology

Consider the different technologies that exist among the different battery backup sump pumps. Some would combine both the use of AC and DC power. This makes them operate on a battery when there is no electricity. In the presence of electricity, they can be connected to an electric power source to run on AC power.

What happens during a power outage is that they automatically shift to battery power, Which is something great considering the convenience attached to it.  The common DC power systems you know cannot operate on electricity.


How to Pick the Best Backup Battery

The backup battery sump pump will not be up to the task without a perfect battery. In fact, the battery backup sump pump should have a powerful battery for effectiveness and high performance. Of course, these pumps come with their batteries. But you could be in need of a new one for replacement. If so, the market has many types of batteries – so you need to make a choice to secure the powerful battery for your pumping needs.

Look on for the different types.


Wet Cell

These types of batteries are going to do a good job at first. But they won’t last. They are common in automotive like cars. They just do start off the job but cannot carry on the task for an extended period of time. They come cheap – they are the most inexpensive on the market.


AGM Batteries

These batteries are perfect for the backup sump pumps. The lead-acid cells are enclosed in glass fiber material that doesn’t leak even when punctured. This makes them safer than other models. The design also has the cells arranged closely for energy efficiency – both faster charging times and increased energy capacity.

These batteries have expensive price tags but they are worth it. For instance, consider that you won’t need to add water yourself to the cells to prevent drying. They are high-performing and safe to use.


Deep Cycle

They are designed majorly for constant charging and discharging. The “cycling” is done in a way that doesn’t degrade the battery’s entire integrity rapidly. They are made with thick plates to allow for a greater degree of discharging.


Maintenance Free

These are the kind of batteries that come sealed; sometimes they are valve-regulated. They don’t undergo many leakages and neither do the cells undergo much evaporation. The maintenance-free doesn’t mean they don’t need maintenance – they should indeed be checked for the electrolyte levels. You can check if the battery has a sight glass that helps to indicate if the electrolyte levels are low. Or you could possibly use a multimeter.


Top-Rated & Best Battery-Backup Sump Pump

The market is loaded with a variety of sump pumps. But remember to get the top rated battery backup sump pump. Certain distinct features should be observed closely. Different models come with different features. You need to identify them and know which ones would work best for you.

We are going to discuss some of the best models here. So, much has been done for you already. Your work is just to pick the right one for your basement protection project.


1. Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-Volt Battery Backup System

#1 Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

The Wayne ESP25, the best battery backup sump is a really powerful machine that can pump as many gallons of water as 2900 per hour. Such is their performance which is precedented by an extended length of durability. The model is constructed by the tough cast iron and coated with steel which are elements that make the sump pump last long while protecting your basement effectively.

This best battery backup sump pump, the Wayne ESP25 is assembled in the US will go for hours pumping the water from the basement until the primary pump returns to normal operations. A single charge would go all the way to pump as much as 10,000 gallons of water – exactly the kind of performance that gives the desired results.

The design of this battery-backed sump pump comes with a smart charging technology. This technology ensures that the battery life is enhanced and stays up to the highest levels of performance. If you are looking for the kind of machine with an easy-to-read LED display, then this one’s for you. You will not hassle to know when the battery runs low or other events such as power fault occurrence or whether your battery is full or partially charged.

Again this best battery backup sump pump features an alarm system that produces sound in case the backup sump pump turns to work. The alarm also goes off when the water levels rise to a certain extent, sometimes when the battery runs really low or perhaps there is a change in the polarity of the battery. The alarm is, therefore, a good thing given it will be sending you the notifications as signaled by the system.


  • Extended hours of pumping
  • Easy to read the LED display
  • The audible alarm system for notification
  • 2 years of limited warranty
  • Durable parts


  • It doesn’t come with battery; you need to buy yours

2. Superior Pump 92900 Powered Battery Backup Sump Pump

This Superior Pump has been designed to last. It does its work perfectly well: standing in when the fierce storm hits the power lines and causes power outages. The model is constructed from the high-quality thermoplastic that comes with an easy installation. So you won’t find it hard to set up your pump for the task. You can be sure that it is going to last for long also.

The Superior Pump battery box is also made from a top-rated thermoplastic with built-in electronics. This model is able to pump up to 23 gallons per minute when fully charged. So you are going to get a great machine in this pump that would do you the perfect job to the latter. The system also comes with an alarm which is powerful. When there’s a power outage, the alarm sounds on repeatedly – but the button must be manually pressed to stop it.

For a solid reliable operation, you are going to need the automatic float switch. However, the system of these backup sump pumps doesn’t come with inbuilt batteries so you are going to need the right type of the battery to become part of the system. This backup model will continuously run for 3 hours after you have charged it.

Also, the Superior pump comes with LED indicator lights. These are vital because they will signal you when there is a power outage, or when the battery runs low. If it happens that the battery runs extremely low, the system automatically turns off. This is great as far as safety or durability is concerned – it expels any fear inside you. Things will take care of themselves. The battery backup sump pump is also installed with high-audible alarms that turn on when the water level is high or the battery is running out of power.


  • Comes at a reasonable price for the quality
  • LED indicator lights show you when there are power faults and battery charging
  • Turns off automatically when the battery voltage goes low
  • It is easy to operate
  • There is increased safety during usage
  • Good for budget


  • You will need to buy the battery separately
  • The battery will only stay for a maximum period of three hours

3. Zoeller 508-0005 Aquanot 508 Battery Back-Up System

This model is one of the best battery backup sump pumps on the market. It comes with great performance and reliability. It can also combine seamlessly with a number of quality Zoeller AC sump pumps. This model automatically begins to operate when the power goes off or the primary sump pump fails due to inevitable reasons.

The LED light indicators of these backup sump pumps will show you when there is a power shortage – it blinks red when there is low power. It also indicates when the battery is fully charged or charging so that you know the status of the battery. At the same time, when the water level rises, the indicators will blink when the automatic float is activated.

This battery-backed sump pump comes with an auxiliary alarm system. You can connect this system to your home security alarm and auto dialers among other things. It also comes seamlessly pre-assembled so that you’ll not need any technical know-how to assemble. The design unit has a thermoplastic housing that is corrosion-resistant and rust-free.

The Zoeller switches are easy to handle and are very reliable. Usually, they are low-voltage vertical float switches. These battery-backed sump pumps are built with the modern technology chargers which are highly efficient. So the battery can charge quickly and efficiently. The compact design of this model allows it to be installed within the same space with the primary pump.


  • Very efficient, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Easy installation of the battery-backed sump pump together with the primary sump pump
  • Battery case that accommodates the maximum battery sizes
  • Easy to operate buttons for display and alarm reset
  • An LCD screen that shows the system status
  • Many customers are satisfied with the performance of Zoeller


  • An expensive model

4. PumpSpy Technology PS1000 12V Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

Start off with this Pumpsy Technology and keep your basement clear of flooding. You can prevent the damage to your building basement before it’s too late. One unique feature of this brand is the remote monitoring service. Which is able to check your sump pump system automatically from wherever you are. So look no further than this product here.

Before the flooding occurs, the unit is able to detect the potential flooding threat and it connects to computers which normally would be collecting and analyzing the data in the sump pump system. Then, it checks through the data for any potential issues. In case they are detected, you receive the notifications through email, text message or through free PumpSpy App. The good thing is that you get all these FREE of charge – no hidden charges or fees.

With this sump pump, you need not be visiting the basement of your home. You may even forget how it looks. Because the job is completed through the free app which is available for both iOS and Android. We are sure with this type of pump, you have the excellent battery backup sump pump in terms of technological advancement.

Therefore, have the peace of mind by going for this modern battery-backed sump pump. Don’t rush through the storm in the middle of the night; just relax and let things happen from the comfort of your warm house.

The system has the capability of pumping out up to 3600 gallons of water at 0 feet and about 2400 gallons at 10 feet lift. This not bad at all. Activate the battery backup mode and start experiencing the best moments in six hours during the electricity outages.


  • Reliable and high quality
  • Audible alarms (sounds and alerts)
  • Does complete system tests three times a week
  • Check the progress of the pump from your android
  • High performance both battery and sump itself


  • Expensive model

5. WAYNE ESP25 12 Volt Battery Back-Up Sump Pump System

This pump is considered to be an upgrade on Wayne WSS30V with a horsepower of ⅓. The pump uses both AC and DC power connections. If you are looking the ultimate construction, you are not far away from it. This brand is made with heavy-duty and sturdy materials – corrosion resistant thermoplastic. Which makes last for long without wearing out easily.

It comes with a powerful motor that puts it above others in terms of great performance and efficiency. It can pump up to a maximum of 3300 gallons of water per hour – this is an incredible performance the. Wayne also comes with smart charging technology which normally helps to break the surface charge and makes the battery to perform with excellence.

If you want to see how your battery charging is doing or a power fault has occurred, the LED indicator lights and audible alarm are there show everything of that sort. This product has been designed to be installed under basements with high-value items.

Installation is extremely easy as counting.

It doesn’t come with a battery. Therefore you will need to buy a powerful battery for the system: the battery can be the deep cycle type or maintenance free. Just take what would perform well and according to the needs of the system you are working with here. This system provides automatic engagement – you will not be required to move to the basement for the various tasks but rather just do so anywhere you will be. When it comes to warranty, this make has a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Powerful pump here
  • Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic construction
  • LED and alarm system functions


  • The alarm doesn’t stop on its own
  • The width of the standard sump pump is inadequate

6. Liberty Pumps 441 Battery Back-Up Emergency Sump Pump

Liberty Pumps produces some of the best battery backup sump pumps which ensure that never again will you experience flooding at your basement. This model operates in all circumstances – whether it’s an emergency or power failure. The machine comes with short-circuit protection to even enhance its durability.

The Liberty Pumps built with 3 LED lights to follow the progress of charging and just knowing the general status of the sump pump. Also if the emergency pump operation is activated, you will be alerted accordingly. The battery of the system is placed in a non-corrosive material box and has a locking strap to help the pump keep in place all times.

As you may have seen with other models, this pump is pretty easy to install. And this is made possible by the slip-on connectors. It operates on a battery capacity of 12V battery capacity.


  • Cast-iron construction for a sturdy, strong and durable machine
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Relatively quieter


  • With the cast iron, you are having a heavy duty model a bit difficult to carry around.
  • Power cord too small
  • Somehow expensive

7. Wayne WSS30V Upgraded ½ HP Battery Backup System

The Wayne WSS30V perhaps is the best backup sump pump many people have come to like. The installation process is fast and easy – after that, the system runs quietly. This  also comes with a powerful motor with ½ HP primary pump and can move as much as 5100 gallons of water at 0 inches of discharge lift and at 10 feet, about 3840 GPH can be lifted efficiently.

The Wayne WSS30V system has an alarm that immediately notifies you when the pump operation is activated or if it is an emergency situation. The system of this battery also provides you with the kind of ultimate protection you want for your basement and the house at large. The backup sump pump would run immediately the AC system shuts down.

With Wayne WSS30V, you are getting a proven performer, assembled in the US. The quality is therefore undoubted – the entire construction is made of cast iron coated with steel. This will definitely increase the durability and performance of the sump pump as it carries out its functions.

You will need to get the best battery to work with your system. A good, 75Ah deep cycle battery will do a great job for your needs. We recommend that you consider this Wayne WBS1275 75Ah AGM Battery. This good backup battery will definitely serve your backup to the full potential.

This battery backup pump sells at a reasonable price and yet its quality and performance are unrivaled – that’s why most people are considering it more than other models and brands. The backup system can also feature the function of automatic operation. This is because it has an integrated vertical float switch. What’s more to this good backup sump pump model is that it comes with a 3-year warranty just in case you notice unusual things on your machine.


  • Highly reduces clogging
  • 26 hour continuous running for single battery charge
  • Easy and quick to install and use
  • 3-years warranty


  • Although cherished by many, the price is a bit high. But it justifies the work it does.


Bottom Line

If you have been looking for where to run to solve your basement flooding problems, then this guide is perfect for you. It is what you have been missing all that time. The fact still stands that many designs and styles of battery backup sump pump exist on the market.

To avoid being mixed up, go through the ones we have recommended here. You are for sure going to get what is best for your needs. The different brands mentioned show distinct features as you move from to another. Again you will see that certain models cost more than others depending on how complex their constructions are.