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How Do Sump Pumps Protect and Help our Homes?

Many people might not really know what sump pumps are and their uses, especially if they do not work in the industrial business. The simplest way to define sump pumps is that it is the primary defense of every home against flooding mostly from excessive storms. It is an industrial tool that mainly protects the structural foundation of your home.

All kinds of sump pumps are usually installed in the basement in order for the water to flow towards it. A sump can be defined as a basin or a reservoir for an excess amount of water that fits on a pit and when the water reaches a certain level, the motor functions an impeller to absorb it into a pipe redirecting it to somewhere else.

Drainages are designed to direct water into pits known as sump where it is then flushed away from the building with the aid of a sump pump. As already mentioned, a sump pump is a device that is used to remove water from a sump basin. It functions to push the water away from the building to a safer location.

This device is especially useful as it protects a building from flooding, either from water accumulated after rainfall or from the natural groundwater if the basement is built below the water table. Sump pumps are also used outside the home to regulate issues relating to the control of the water table on the soil surface thus keeping the ground stable.

This equipment comes in many types and sizes, it is recommended to call a plumber for professional help. However, this is a sample checklist of different types of sump pumps and their uses to give you basic ideas about this equipment.

Two Common Types of Sump Pumps and Its Uses

Submersible Sump Pump

This pump is specifically designed to submerge into water; it is especially enclosed in a waterproof container and has a flotation tool that comes up as the water fills the sump. Since this pump is submerged in the pit, it is a lot quieter than the others, it can hold larger volumes of water and it can easily handle concrete elements or any kinds of solids. However, submersible sump pumps are a little expensive and when the pump stops working it may be hard to replace since it’s located underneath the pit.

Pedestal Sump Pump

This type of sump pump has proven to live or function 2 to 5 times longer than the submersible pumps and it is even cheaper. The pedestal’s switch and the motor are just outside of the pit which makes it really easy to fix if anything happens. However, this pump is really not made to handle solid particles because this pump only works through the use of a pipe that goes down under to suck up everything to avoid blockage on the pumps.

Some more specific types of sump pumps are bilge and ballast pumps, centrifugal pumps, cantilever pumps, sewage pumps, and utility pumps. Sump pumps have many different types and their usefulness also varies on from home location and to what will be their real purpose in your home. Pumps are especially helpful when homes are being often affected by floods and they are located in a place with the high water table and we all know that water is really a risky element for your belongings. Remember that it is better to be ready than to regret.

Water powered sump pumps– is another type of sump pump that does not require the use of electricity instead is it powered by your water supply. The system starts to depend on the water pressure of your home to work and it is also installed above the pit that can cause noise.

Sump pump battery backup system– in case your installed sump pumps don’t work during a disaster the used of this backup pump comes in handy. It can help up to 8hours long depend on the water pressure.


Since there are many incidents of basement flooding reported now a day the used of Sump Pump as a prevention measure is very important but most of the house owners ignore. It can save your house from damages in case of disaster. It is very important to get one and choose from the types of sump pumps that will suit within your budget and your home.

Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

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